About Vrindavan Milk and the Team


Our objective at Vrindavan Milk is to:

  • Protect cows and treat them with love and care
  • Promote profitable organic dairy farming
  • Provide fresh and organic cow milk and other dairy products to our customers

About Vrindavan Milk

Vrindavan Milk is pure, fresh, natural/organic, and hygienic cow milk home delivered to our customers. We avoid unnecessary modern dairy processing to retain vitamins and minerals naturally present in the milk.


Milk is delivered directly from our dairy farm within few hours of milking for freshness and quality.


We do not use growth hormone injections or antibiotics on our cows. We also don't use vaccinated cow milk for recommended period of time (2-3 days). Our cows are fed with natural fodder and graced on green pasture.


Experience the original flavor and texture of fresh cow milk.


Our cow milk is rich in minerals and vitamins than conventional milk available in the market.


We do not process the milk to retain original nutritional content in the milk.


We do not compromise on the quality. We make sure our milk is not adulterated in any form.


We maintain very high standard to produce clean and quality milk. We also use industrial dish washing machines to wash our containers for better hygiene.

Directly from our farm to your home

Delivery Process

The Team

We are just a handful of passionate and humble folks who desire to help protect cows, help dairy farmers to promote profitable organic dairy farming, and help people to drink quality milk.

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About Vrindavan Milk