Milk Delivery Process

Milk Pouches

For saftey and hygieninc reasons, we have introduced milk pouches. Packaging process is completely automated for better hygiene.

  1. Please contact us to confirm your milk subscription and the delivery time.
  2. Milk will be delivered at your door at confimed time.
  3. Please keep a tray, basket or bag at your door step to receive the milk.
  4. Before use, please wash the pouches with fresh water.
  5. Cut open and pour the milk into the vessel.

Recycle Milk Pouches

Recycle Milk Pouches

  1. Don't simply throw away the pouch into trash.
  2. Open the pouch wider and wash it thoroughly with water and let it dry.
  3. Recycle dried milk pouches. Your community may already recycle plastic pouches and bags. Please give it to them for recycling.
  4. You can also find a local plastic collection center and recycle there and collect your money :-)

Milk Delivery Time

Delivery time

Please note that delivery time may vary from one location to another. Please call us to confirm.

Mange Your Milk Subscription

To manage your milk subscription (to start/stop or increase/decrease), please SMS or WhatsApp to our customer care previous day by 9:00pm (for next day morning delivery). Please check it out at Milk Subscription for detailed process.

Some of our channel partners may have slightly different cut off time and process for managing the subscription. Please check with channel partner who provides service to you.