Frequently Asked Questions


What is Vrindavan Milk?
Vrindavan Milk is farm fresh pure cow milk that comes directly from dairy farm to your home without undergoing any processing. Since this milk is not processed it contains good minerals and vitamins that are naturally found in the raw milk.
How fresh is this milk?
Our milk is as good as having your own cow at home. We chill the milk immediately after milking to avoid any form of bacterial growth and also to maintain freshness and quality. We deliver within few hours after chilling.
How do you make sure milk is hygiene?
Our milking cows are washed regularly and udder is washed with warm water and wiped before milking. We also make sure milk is not transferred into multiple storage containers to avoid contamination. We also thoroughly wash and sterilize our milk containers using industrial dish washing machine.
Is this milk natural?
Yes, Vrindavan Milk is natural milk. Our cows are fed with natural fodders, cattle feeds, and minerals. We don't use any growth hormones or other milk inducing agents to increase milk productivity.
How do you make sure milk is not adulterated?
We have setup very high standard quality measures, which our dairy farms follow very strictly. Since milk pouches are completely sealed, there is no chance for adulteration.
How is Vrindavan Milk different from other milk brands?
Other milk brands usually procure milk from dairy farmers through co-ops and process at large scale processing factory where some of the fat is removed, pasteurized and/or homogenized and then packed into packets for consumers. Vrindavan Milk on the other hand is directly sources at our dairy farm, packed and delivered to homes without undergoing any form of processing to maintain freshness, purity, quality and nutritional content.
How is Vrindavan Milk different from pasteurized or homogenized milk?
Milk from our dairy farm is directly delivered to your home without processing. Because our milk is fresh, natural, and pure, it has all the mineral and vitamins naturally found in the milk. Pasteurized milk on the other hand is heated rapidly at 140-150 degree fahrenheit and cooled down. In the process some of good minerals and vitamins are destroyed. Homogenized milk is prepared by breaking milk fat particles uniform sizes so that cream will not raise. Since fat particles are broken, homogenized milk looses it's original taste.
Why is Vrindavan Milk good for children?
Since we don't process the milk, our milk contains all good minerals ranging from calcium and phosphorus found in the milk. Calcium is abundant in our milk that helps to build strong bones and teeth for growing children. Raw milk has both water and fat soluble vitamins. It’s a complete food. It carries full vitamin A and D. Raw milk has about 60 functional enzymes which perform various functions in our body.
What are other health benefits of this milk?
There are may health benefits of fresh, natural, pure, and raw cow milk. Read this article for more information.
Why do you chill the milk - why not directly deliver after milking?
Chilling milk immediately after milking ensures freshness and quality. Otherwise there is a possibility of bacterial growth that may spoil the milk. It also improves the shelf life of the milk.


What type of cows you have in your farm?
Our farm has cows that are cross between Jersey (brown or full black) and local breed and HF (black and white) and local breed. Crossed cows are known for better disease tolerance and produce quality milk compared to pure Jersey or HF cows.
How about Indian breed cows (desi cows)?
Yes, we do have Indian breed cows (Desi cows). We sell desi cow milk (A2 milk) separately.
Do you use any chemicals or growth hormones to increase milk production?
No, we don't use any chemicals or growth hormones.
What type of feeds you use?
We use natural fodders (grown locally), cattle feeds, and minerals.
How do you handle sick cows?
Sick cows are quarantined and treated until they are cured. We don't use milk from diseased cows.
Can I get buffalo milk?
No. Currently we don't produce buffalo milk. Probably in future.
Can I visit your farm?
Absolutely. Please contact us with the day you would like to visit. We will be happy to take you around.
What do you mean my Ahimsa Milk?
Our cows are treated with love and care. We don't stress them to produce more milk. We also maintain our cows even after their milking years are over to avoid cow slaughtering.

Milk Delivery

How the milk is packaged?
We pack milk in the food grade pouches.
What time do you deliver milk?
We deliver milk everyday morning or evening. It varies between apartments. If it's morning we deliver between 5:30am and 7:00am. In some places this timing may vary.
Is it a coupon system or subscription based - how does it work?
It's a monthly subscription service. You pay end of the month. Some channel partners may have wallet system for that you need to pay in advance.
How do I temporarily stop milk delivery if I am traveling or going on a vacation?
Whenever you don't want milk please SMS previous day night before 9pm (for morning delivery) or before 3pm for evening delivery. Please mention the dates you don't want milk to be delivered along with your aprtment name and flat number. We will not deliver milk for those days.

Some channel partners have Web or Mobile App through which your subscription can be managed by yourself.
Can I increase or decrease quantity of milk anytime?
Yes you can.
Can you deliver milk in bulk for family occasions?
Yes. There is no maximum limit. Please let us know a day in advance.
Do you use third party milk delivery system to deliver milk?
Yes, we have signed up with professional channel partners in certain areas. They manage your milk subscription, payments, cutomer support, etc.

Charges and Payment

How much does it cost?
Please contact us. We do give discount for certain areas depending on the distance. Please contact us to find out rate for your location.
Why your milk is expensive?
It's natural, pure, and fresh milk. It costs us more money to procude such milk. To keep milk fresh and maintain the quality we chill the milk in bulk milk cooler, which is again an additional cost. Most of the profit goes to the promotion of dairy farming and maintenance of aged cows, bulls, and oxens.
Is there any service/delivery charge?
In some areas, yes. In some areas, no. Please call and check with us.
Should I pay any advance?
Usually there is no advance but some of our channel partners have prepaid wallet system for which you many need to buy credit in advance.
When do I pay for the milk?
If it's postpaid service, You pay end of every month. We will email you monthly billing statement with milk delivery history. If it's wallet system, you need pay in advance.
What are the different modes of payment?
Online payment through your online banking facility. We don't accept cash but if there is no way you can pay online, please contact us. Please refer your monthly billing statement for more details.


Where do you current supply milk?
We currently deliver milk to apartments in East and South Bangalore.
How can I get this milk delivered into my apartment?
Please contact our customer service. We will work with you and plan to have milk delivered to your community.


How do I reach you to order milk?
Please contact our sales team.
What is the phone number for customer service?
Please visit our contact page for more details.